Board of Directors

Meet our brilliant minds

Mr. Ra’fat Hassouneh


Haj Raafat, was a maven businessman who worked in a broad range of commercial items, where he was one of the first recipients of a gas distribution agency in Hebron and one of the founders of Al-Ansar Fuel Station and worked in the trade of nuts, coffee, and other household items.

He also was the first to establish plastic plants in Palestine, where he in 1973 built the first factory for the manufacture of plastic bags in Palestine under the name Khalil Al-Rahman Factory for Plastic Industries

In addition to his business efforts, haj Raafat established Blind Care Association in Hebron where he headed for the period between 1990 to 2008, and was a member of the municipal council in the municipality of the city of Hebron.

Mr. Othman Hassouneh

Chairman of the Board, CEO.

Maven businessman born in 1959 is currently the Chairman of the Board and General Manager of Zmzm for Plastic Industries and partner in the Al-Ansar Fuel Station and Mecca Fuel Station, and is one of the founders of several companies and factories

in the areas of plastics and carton cups including Al-Raha, Alharam, Modern Al-Haram, Golf Plastic and Mazaya.
Mr. Alhaji Othman Raafat Hassouneh has a large network of business relationships in Palestine and the neighbor countries.

Mr. Abdul-Salam Hassouneh

VP - Production and Technical Manager

Born in 1961, he spent more than 25 years in the maintenance of machinery and different nylon laboratories. He is now VP for Technical and Development he is a member of the Board of Directors of Zmzm, which is responsible for work on the inclusion of machinery specification required

for the development of nylon industry in Hassouneh Industrial Group and work on the follow-up to all that is new in the field of manufacturing. Mr. Abdulsalam Hassouneh, a key partner in Zmzm for Plastic Industries, Inc. Al-Raha for Industry and Commerce, Modern Alharam, Al-Ansar Fuel Station and Mecca Fuel Station in Hebron

Mr. Abdul Salam record full of frequent participation in international exhibitions with competence in the development of competent machinery in the manufacture of nylon in all fields and training on the latest production lines in the world.

Mr. Eyad Hassouneh

VP – Chief financial Officer “CFO”

Businessman born in 1971, member of the Board of Directors of Zmzm for Plastic Industries and the VP for Finance and is also a partner in Al-Ansar Fuel Station and Mecca Fuel Station.It is worth mentioning that Mr. Eyad is one of the founders and a member

of the Board of Directors and Chief Financial Officer of the Alharam for Plastic, Modern Alharam for Plastic, Al-Raha for Plastic Industry and Commerce, and Golf Plastic.

Mr. Eyad is well known by his extensive relations in the financial and banking sector in Palestine and Jordan.