About US
Zmzm is the Largest  Palestinian company for production of plastic through thousands  of products used at all Palestinian house and institutions. It is one of the largest companies in the region in this field .
The Company launched in 1973 by establishing Khalil AlRahman company as the first Plastic Industries Co. by the initiative of the late founder Haj Rafat Hassouna. In 2005 company has re-established based on foundations of modern scientific and management under the new company name of Zmzm.
more than 160 people working in different departments of the company towards integrative process in production, within the management team and technical specialist Company aimed  be the first at all.

so it got  the largest machine for the production of plastic bags in Palestine and established the first lab test for plastic materials in terms of tensile strength, leakage of water, density, heat tolerance, thickness, quality manufacturing. lab is Recognised by the Ministry of the Palestinian national economy.

Zmzm  is located in the city of Hebron in the southern West Bank, which is  the center of industry and the Palestinian economy, with  more than 6000 square meters construction area . And contributes to the company’s production in building a productive economy and contributes to the operating efficiencies that seek every day to increase production and raise its quality.

The company produces all kinds of plastic products , such as :

  • Grocery and shopping bags in all sizes, colors and specifications , with the possibility of 4 colors printing .
  • Food bags ,freezing bags, sandwiches and packing bags
  • Garbage bags with rope ends “Draw tape ” and all other types of miscellaneous waste bags.
  • All kinds of hospitals bags and other institutions.
  • Special nylon for agricultural use of all types and sizes.
  • Plastic for industrial use, colored packaging in all sizes and thicknesses
  • All kinds of plastic cups , colorful and in several sizes.
  • Spoons, forks, plates and other consumer plastic, colorful and in several sizes.
  • Plastic straws “Tera Pipe, Straight Pipe” colorful and in several sizes.
  • Cans for ice cream, sweets, dairy, detergent and bottles for industrial oils or edible oils
  • Tables Sheets ( Maput ) in several sizes and colors , they come either clear or printed.

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