Vision and Mission

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    Become the ideal business partner to assist its customers in building their future by fulfilling their requirements, managing their daily needs and fulfilling their aspirations , and hold a leading position in the Palestinian market , with a strong brand name, innovative products and new technologies.

  • M


    Zmzm is very committed toward green planet by using an environment-friendly raw materials and use techniques to make production biodegradable in a short period during the environmental cycle, . Who we are today as the leader of the Palestinian and Regional market, and any future success and sustainability wouldn't happen without our committed, enthused, and hard working employees which we consider as our main asset.

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    Environment commitment

    Zmzm for Plastic Industries took an initiative from the beginning to work tirelessly with all the stakeholders to maintain a green Palestine by adopting policies of recycling all our excess plastic and reuse it again in certain products, in addition to produce bio-degradable environment friendly products and comply with the International standards of production were we awarded the EPI certificate.

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    Social Responsibility

    We at Zmzm for Plastic Industries have strong believe in our values that will never trade off, including our full commitment to work in an accountable, and transparent way that’s built on respecting our employees and treat them fairly, comply with local and international laws, help the local community by employing from within, which will result in improving the national economy, along with our strong commitment toward many charitable initiatives